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Simple to learn. Easy to use. CloudPanels offers a new way to comunicate, share ideas and work seamlessly across platforms, time zones and date lines.

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A better way to collaborate. We grab a sheet of paper when we need to explain something. We scribble our best ideas on napkins. We pass the sheet back and forth. We explain with drawings. We reach for tools that enable us to express ourselves in extraordinary ways. CloudPanels can help you share a diagram, annotate a picture, create a visualization of your thoughts with other people, even if those people are half a world away. It is easy, simple, and fun. A collage of brilliance can be made from many hands working together.

Getting started is easy. Just click on the My Panels link on the left side of this website and log in with Facebook. With your free account you can start creating and sharing panels. To invite others, click the ‘Invite’ button and type in their email address. You guests will quickly be able to enter the site using their Facebook log in information. From then on, they can make their own panels as well. You can invite as many as 5 people to each panel and have as many shared panels as you like.

Download CloudPanels iOS App

Drawing with a touch device is a blast. Drawing with a mouse can be cumbersome. That's why we built a CloudPanels application for the iPad and the iPhone. Our iOS application works seamlessly with other CloudPanels websites. You can purchase the application here by clicking the link to the left. The money we make from app sales fund the servers where all the panels are stored, allowing us to keep CloudPanels free and advertising-free.

What's it going to take? CloudPanels requires that your web browser support HTML5, which means you need to be running the most recent version. The good news is that all the popular browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome now support HTML5. And of course, our CloudPanels application runs on iPhones and iPads that have the latest operating system (iOS 5) from Apple. CloudPanels also runs pretty well on the Kindle Fire's Silk browser.