Features & Pricing

CloudPanels is free to use on the web. Purchasing the iOS application that works with your iPad and iPhone costs $1.99. We are busy developing new releases of CloudPanels and we thought we’d share our plans with you to hear what you think.

Here's what you get for absolutely nothin'...

While there are many ways to use CloudPanels, there are some limits to what you can do with it at this time. You may create as many shared panels as you wish, but you can only have two panels that are not shared. If you keep inviting people to come see your panels, we'll keep giving them to you.

You can invite up to 5 people to a panel, and each panel can hold 5 megabytes of stuff. The sketches and text don’t weigh very much, so you’ll have room for about 10 images per panel. Panels are only stored for 5 weeks without active use. We will send you an email giving you 24 hours to visit your panel before we tidy things up (by which we mean throw it away). It’s easy to remember: 5 people, 5 megs, stored for 5 weeks if inactive.

Future Plans

We want to add more features in the future and charge for those versions so we can keep today's version free. Here's what the current plans look like:

CloudPanels Product Feature Comparison Chart
Features Free Happy Serious
Availability Now 2015 Late 2015
Storage 5 megs 50 megs 500 megs
Time 5 weeks ongoing ongoing
Guests 5 guests 10 guests unlimited
Board Size 1024 x 768 4096 x 3072 unlimited
Text Powder Text Editable Text Notation Text
Files Images only All files Versioning
Drawing Powder Drawing Object Drawing Smart Objects
Journaling None None Yes
Documenting Background Yes Yes
Cost / Panel Free $1/month $5/month

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Explanation of some terms

Powder Text is text you can type onto a panel, but after that it's just marks on the board. Editable Text allows you to make later changes to the text, and Notation Text allows you to track who made which entries, etc. Similarly, Powder Drawing is just like a white board, once you make your mark - it can only be erased. Object Drawing allows you to move the marks around once they have been made, and Smart Objects track their relationships with each other, by staying connected, filled, whatever. Journaling is the ability to scroll back through the history of your panel. Documenting is the ability to share and mark on a document within CloudPanels, which you can do in a limited way in the free version by loading an image or PDF as the background of your panel.