About Us

Here's a bit about us, our company, and our reasons for making CloudPanels for you.

About the company

CloudPanels is brought to you by a little company in Port Townsend, Washington called Door Number 3. At Door Number 3 we do things a little differently. Our developers work from all over the place (Seattle, Cedar Rapids, Vashon Island, Redmond) so we understand the needs of remote and virtual teams working together. We use CloudPanels to coordinate our activities and to explain ourselves while we are on calls with each other. If all goes well, you can expect to see other variants of CloudPanels as well as other products that will appear in the digitally connected space where graphics, publishing, and great ideas come out to play.

About the team:

Here's a bit about each of the folks who helped get this first version of CloudPanels out the door.


At the helm of this crew is Ben Bauermeister. Ben cut his teeth in the software industry at Aldus Corporation working on the early releases of PageMaker and subsequently has chased a few other start-ups (ElseWare Corporation, CreativeReach, ObjectSpeed) and worked for the man on several occasions (Hewlett Packard and Adobe) as well as consulting in the entertainment and publishing industry (Disney and New York Times).


CloudPanels has frequently benefitted from the intersection between authors and music. My wife Erica is an author and she is pals with Paul Mariz’ wife Laurie Frankel who is also an author. So when the author band “The Rejections and the Trailing Spouses” was formed, I was introduced to the amazingly talented Paul Mariz. Besides being an incredible guitar player and song writer, Paul also knows a thing or two about Amazon’s web service that hosts CloudPanels – so he saved our day repeatedly by untangling all sorts of other snakes in our code.


Hunkered down in Redmond near the death star is Zac Bauermeister. No, it's not an astronomical coincidence that his last name is the same as Ben's; Zac is Ben's brilliant nephew who is fully capable of writing Objective C code with his left hand while he is improvising on some digital keyboard gadget with his right. Zac, in addition to developing the next international game sensation (yet to be announced), developed the native iOS client for CloudPanels, a stunning concoction of local GUI framework elements that happily house the alien HTML5 lifeforms that inhabit it from the far reaches of Amazon's web services.


Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire, (or is it the other way around...) Neil Flagg has built the back-end processing and server-side implementation of CloudPanels when he is not tracking all the aircraft that the U.S. Forest Service uses to fight wildfires. Neil's expertise and contribution spans 4-5 programming languages, 2-3 server-side environments, and several outstanding Indian recipes for biryani.


The first member of the CloudPanels team to see the sun each day is Andrea Skeries as warm breezes cross the corn fields and roust her from her bed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Andrea quietly works her magic on the HTML5 implementation of both the web client and the overall web site. A beautifully geeky mix of web development, CSS alchemy, and design bravado have put Andrea's finger prints all over the CloudPanels experience.


When we get so lucky, we pull Jason Staczek away from his music, his digital instruments, his film sound tracks, and his lovely wife and daughter to bring a little guidance, rigor, and discipline to our innovative little project. Jason handles the meat of the JavaScript application that displays all of the content to both the web and the iOS clients. Ben is honored to have worn matching corporate badges with Jason (Aldus, ElseWare, HP, Adobe) at several points in the past and hopes that we never have to do that again.

A final thank you also goes out to Paul Norton (Seattle) and Amit Vyawahare (Boston) for their work on the early CloudPanels prototype. Also to Lisa Cooke for her assistance on word-smithing our website and Laura at Laura Urban Perry Design for assistance on the look and feel of CloudPanels. Stephen Shaw assisted us with the filing of two patents for collaborative drawing. A special shout out from us is also going to Jere Canote for his generous lending of the ukulele music that headlines our home page. And finally, a hug and a squeeze to my wife and best-selling author Erica Bauermeister for her ongoing support and belief in my adventures.

It may be a simple looking product – that was always the goal – but it truly takes a village.