Introducing your whiteboard in the sky.

Think of CloudPanels as the Internet's whiteboard where you can draw, type, and upload images.

This is your place to sketch out a new theory, create a family grocery list, or show your ideas while on a phone call. Your panel is always on the web for easy access and sharing.

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Organize & Collaborate

Each panel can include a list of guests who can connect from their web browser or our dedicated iPad and iPhone apps.

Invited guests can add notes and comments on your panel. Your ideas are shared in a private and secure environment accessible only to invited guests.

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We're just getting started...

We are growing quickly to enhance the product and make it meet your needs.

Let us know your thoughts, how you are using your CloudPanels, and what features you would like to see added. Extra credit for folks who send us a panel image of their ideas!

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